5 Steps To Bring Life To Your Patio On A Budget

July 29, 2016 5:11 AM

Bring Life to Your patio

We all want a patio that we can be proud of.  whether you live in an house, condo, or apartment having
a well decorated functional pati0 is great for barbecues, pool parties, or just plan ole relaxing. Here are
some affordable ways to bring life to your patio on a budget.


Bring Life To Your Patio


  1. Outdoor Lights  Sometimes when were are trying to glamor up our patio we forget about
    lighting.   Adding lights doesn’t have to cost a fortune.  a sim[;e string of lights around along
    the outer patio area can add a cozy feeling .


2.  Outdoor Area Rug  You can add a decorative colorful area rug to your patio. These can
range anywhere from $25 to $150  dollars. ( Tip) Check local thrift stores for a good deal
on area rugs.


3.  Outdoor Area Pillows  Adding a few pillows to your patio chairs, bench, etc.. can add a
creative design to bring life to your patio.  You can choose bold prints, or a solid color to
patio furniture.


4.  Drapery for Privacy  Add curtains or shades to your patio for a touch of privacy.  These
can also be used to block out the sun and give your patio more shade to keep the sun away
when you are out relaxing giving you a cozy feeling.


5.  Personalize & clean your patio space  The last tip I’d like to give you to bring life to your
patio is make it your own by personalizing your patio to your liking you can add flowers
greenery, etc… anything that you like that makes your patio feel like “home” just do it
Spending your summer nights on your patio can be your safe haven.  I hope you have
enjoyed these tips on how to bring life to your patio on a budget.   A very important
tip as well to keep your patio space clean.  If you need to hire someone who does
house cleaning as well as out cleaning you can do that as well if you don;t have the
the time to do it yourself.






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