5 Great Uses For a Lint Roller

November 21, 2016 3:57 AM

I bet you are wondering to yourself Lint Rollers are mainly for getting lint off my clothes right?
WRONG! Lint Rollers have a lot of uses that you may not know about.  Today I’m going to share
a few with you today and hopefully they will be of some use to you.  Sit back and relax and Enjoy!

Uses For A Lint Roller

1. Clean The inside of any one of your bags with a lint roller by removing the contents from any
bag such as purse, laptop bag, brief case, etc… and use a piece of the roller and clean the inside.


2. You know those sticky hard to get off sparkles for your holiday decor? Guess how you can remove
them from carpets, tables, just about anything. Use a Lint Roller!



3. Kids spill crumbs in the car, or maybe your dashboard is dusty, or your cup holder looks scary
whatever the case may be you can use a lint roller to remove the crumbs from the inside of your
car, carpets, or get the goo out of the cup holder.


4. Use a lint roller to clean out the inside of your kitchen, bathroom, or linen cabinets. We always
carry one in our caddie just in case we need them for our move out cleaning service.


5. Last but not lease here’s a good tips for Moms or Mothers to be. You can use a lint roller to
clean baby strollers, car seats,  high chairs, plush toys, etc…..  It would be a good idea to keep
one in your diaper bag so that you can have it on hands at all times.


Well I certainly hope these tips on Use For A Lint Roller Has Been useful to you, and that you will
share them with your friends & family.  We try to give tips that are helpful and practical to our
readers,  If you’d like to see more house cleaning tips be sure to visit Blue Spruce Maids they have
valuable cleaning tips as well.  As always Keep It Clean!





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