30 Quick and Easy Cleaning Tips

October 28, 2014 2:58 PM

  30 Quick and Easy Cleaning TipsCleaning-Tips

Most housewives are bogged down with the endless demands of house cleaning. Most are on the lookout for cleaning tips.

Here are some simple
yet effective house cleaning tips to help you keep your home clean all the time:

If you are finding yourself cleaning up after everyone
else, it is time to delegate cleaning tasks

Ask your children to put away their toys and
books after they use them

Ask your partner to put away his or her clothes,
shoes, bags and other things like keys in the right places

Ask everyone to put away or clean their plates
after meals and put away things that they use like cereal boxes, jam, bread and
other items in the right places

Clean up your table every time a meal is over

Arrange living room furniture in the morning so
that the sitting spaces look inviting for the family members as well as for
unexpected guests

Arrange your bed as soon as you get up

When you have come home and are changing
clothes, put away the clothing in the right places. If you need to give items
for wash, put them in the laundry basket

Keep dusting chores for the weekend or once in
two weeks, depending on the rate of dust accumulation

Clean or vacuum carpets once a week

Kitchen counters should be cleaned every time
you finish cooking.

Clean the kitchen cupboards once in two weeks

Keep the utensils for cleaning once or twice in
a day – that way you will use less water and your hands will also be spared

Schedule timings during the week to do the

The day you do laundry you need to keep aside
time to put away the dried clothes in designated cupboards or for ironing

Stack the clothes for ironing neatly in your
wardrobe or on the iron table

If you have a large home, ensure that everyone
is in charge of cleaning their own rooms

You could assign a cleaning service to come and
dust and vacuum carpets and upholstery once in a month or more frequently as
per your need

Pay attention to wooden doors, windows and
floors. Clean them with a wet cloth once in two weeks.

If anything needs repairs, you need to make a
note of it and plan for such repairs accordingly

At the time of cleaning put away old newspapers,
books and other stationery for selling or disposal

Put moth balls in drawers and other hidden
spaces to keep away pests and moisture

If you are using cleaning solutions, make
homemade ones using lime juice or vinegar. These act as powerful anti bacterial
agents and help to remove grease as well such as on kitchen counters.

Clean the gas stoves and insides of ovens at
least once a week.

Clean kitchen chimneys and tiles over the
kitchen counter with a solution of soap and water

Clean the inner compartments of your refrigerator
once in a month.

Bathrooms with hard floors should be cleaned with
water and a cleaning agent once a week.

Toilets and wash basins should be cleaned once a

Keep the surroundings of your home clean by
sweeping the garden and patio areas once or twice a week

If you have concrete patio areas, wash them with
water when it is hot. It will help to keep your surroundings cool

In order to keep your home clean and to avoid it becoming a mammoth
task, get everyone to pitch in. When every family member puts away his or her
clothes, shoes, bags and other items in the proper places, makes their bed,
puts away the laundry and the dishes, your daily cleaning asks will reduce. Use
these cleaning tips for a clean and happy home.

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