11 House Cleaning Chores You Should Leave to Professionals

April 14, 2015 5:23 PM

House Cleaning Most of the homeowners think that House cleaning is a simple task. This is not true. You may be able wipe down your kitchen counters, wash
utensils, clean your sink, or tackle any other common task around your home.
But there are other chores that need to be tackled only by the professionals
themselves. Explored in this article are 11 house cleaning duties you should
leave to professionals.

Carpet cleaning. Always look for a professional
to clean your rugs. Remember that only experts know how to use effective carpet
cleaning methods such as steam or chemical methods. Still, only professionals
own and know how to use the carpet cleaning equipment.

Gutter cleaning. Do not think that this is a DIY
task. Why risk your life climbing up your house roof with a bucket of water in
the name of cleaning gutters? Instead, call a professional and the job will be
done satisfactorily.

Chimney cleaning. Your chimney needs to be
cleaned at least one in a year to prevent fire outbreaks. But if you burn lots
of fires, you can do the cleaning on a regular basis. Climbing on the roof to
clean your chimney is not a simple task. Hire a professional and you will have
the work done to your satisfaction.

Cleaning hardwood floors. Although you can do a
quick mopping on hardwood floor, refinishing is actually an overwhelming task. If
you try refinishing it yourself, you may end up ruining the entire floor. Thus,
you need the services of an expert.

Cleaning air ducts. Air ducts should be cleaned
to prevent you and your loved ones from getting airborne allergies. Since it
requires special expertise to clean air ducts, consider hiring someone who
knows what they are doing.

Cleaning blinds and drapes. Note that draperies
and blinds need to be dusted or sponged on a regular basis. Metallic and vinyl
binds have to be removed and sunk into a warm soap-filled bathtub. They can also
be scrubbed with a strong brush. Remember that only an expert can do this.

Mold removal. Removing mold on your own is health
hazard. If you consider hiring remediation specialists, they will inspect every
suspected mold-growth area, clean it and apply the recommended sprays.

Organizing your home. Living in a disorganized
home can be stressful. Consider calling an organizer who will do more than just
removing clutter from your home. This way, you will get peace of mind.

Window Cleaning. It is good to keep a sharp eye
on your windows to prevent them from getting dull. If you feel that your
windows need to be cleaned, consider enlisting the services of an expert who
will clean both sides of your windows.

Upholstery cleaning. If you have a leather couch
in your house, dusting it may not be a hard task. But for upholstered
furniture, you need to hire a professional who will take good care of your

Cleaning everything in the house. Sometimes you
may not have enough time to do the general cleaning in your house. As such,
you may be forced to hire someone to help with the cleaning. Let that person
not be a maid. You should consider enlisting the services of a professional house
cleaning company.

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