10 Ways To Clean With Lemon

January 29, 2020 9:22 PM

10 ways to clean with lemon

When we think of lemons we think of lemonade right? What if I told you
that there are other ways t use lemons other than making a delicious drink.
Here are some natural ways to clean your home with lemons I hope you
find these tips useful.



Lemons scent are very fresh and energizing,  they don’t cost a lot
and can virtually can be found in any grocery store or even on a
lemon tree. Lemons contain both acidity found in the juice along
with the grease-cutting oil contained within its skin to create a
superb cleaning agent.




When life throws you lemons inteade of making lemonade you
can relax and say ” Thank you lemons for making cleaning
chores so much easier”  Lemons are a  a natural, mild
disinfectant that you can use for a variety of things.  So go
ahead and grab some lemons and get to doing your
spring cleaning.



 Cleaning Hacks With Lemons

  1. To clean the microwave
  2.  Clean yur cutting board
  3. Remove stains from your countertops
  4. Make an all purpose cleaner with the lemon peels
  5. Use it to polish your copper items
  6. Place lemon peels and ice cubes and salt to clean
    garbage disposal
  7. To scrub stubborn food stains of plates
  8. Deodorize smelly containers
  9. Polish your silverware
  10. Use to get hardwater buildup off shower doors



Bonus Cleaning Hacks For Lemons

Here are a few more tips for using lemons to clean.

  1. Fridge – Soak a cotton ball to freshen up your fridge.
  2. Tea Kettle- Use a few drops of lemon juice an water and boil.
  3. Toilet Bowl-  Scrub with lemon juice and salt to clean the toliet.
  4. Faucets- Sprinkle lemon juice  on to polish and make shiny.
  5. Glass & Mirror Cleaner- Squeeze 3 drops into spray bottle with water.


Well that about does it for the tips pn how to use lemons to do your
cleaning. I hope you enjoyed until next time. C Ya!




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