10 Mind Blowing Home Cleaning Tips

February 15, 2018 7:29 PM


Home cleaning will never be the same when you use these home cleaning tips for your home!
Today I will give you a few tips & tricks to help you with your house cleaning chores.  These
tips are budget friendly and easy to implement.  These are little known ways to clean home.



Home Cleaning Tips


1. Homemade Hardwood Floors–  Take you your hard wood floor drab to fab with this hardwood
floor cleaner. Put 1/2 cup of vinegar,  1 tablespoon castle soap,  1/4 cup rubbing alcohol, 2 cups of warm
water in a spay bottle. When you get ready to mop your floors spray the cleaner directly on your floor
and  watch the magic.


2.  Microwave Cleaning – Looking for a way to clean your microwave here’s an easy way.  Get a
bowl and fill it with 2 cups of water and 1 cup of vinegar and put it in the microwave on 5 minutes
and then take the bowl out and wipe down your microwave.  It’s just that simple.


3. Clean Your Bathroom Vents- Do you go into your bathrooms and look up at your dirty
vents? Here’s a way to clean them easily.  Take off the vents and put them in warm soapy
water and scrub them. Let them dry and put the vents back in place.  Easy breezy!!!


4. Clean Your Faucet Handles– Take a screwdriver and take your faucet handles off and
put them in some hot soapy water and use a q-tip to clean the dirt and grime under your knobs.


5. Clean Your Oven Glass- Wanna get all that grease and grime from your oven glass?
grab a magic eraser and wet a little scrub the glass in small sections and watch the dirt
and grime disappear!


6. Clean Your Stove Top Burners –  Here’s an easy way to clean your stove top burners.
Put a cup of ammonia in a gallon zip lock bag let the burners soak over night.  Take the
burners out the zip lock bag in the morning and they will look brand new!


7. Clean Your Garbage Disposal– Funny smell coming from your garbage disposal?
use a toothbrush and lift the splash guard and get all the food particles and grime off of
the splash guard.


8. Toilet Brush Cleaner-  Keep your toilet brush and the toilet brush container smelling
fresh by pouring some Pin-sol in the bottom of the brush container  it helps with disinfecting
and deodorize your brush.


9. Clean Your Walls-  Use a flat head mop and a damp microfiber mop head to clean your


10. Clean Your Air Vents- Use butter knife wrapped in a damp cloth to get in the tight
spaces to clean your air vents.


I hope you enjoy our 10 mind-blowing house cleaning tips, so that you can easily clean your home efficiently
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