How To Maintain Tidy Baseboards

January 27, 2015 9:13 PM

Clean baseboards give a house a beautiful look. On the
contrary, a dusty and dirty baseboard may create an impression that the whole
house is untidy and neglected!

Sometimes, baseboard cleaning can be one of
those chores you wouldn’t wish to have in your to-do list. This is because some
baseboards might have grooves that are difficult to clean! Anyway you don’t have
to worry much about that. Here are simple ways of ensuring that your
house is always tidy.

1: Removal of dust

Use a vacuum cleaner or a duster to remove all the dust from the baseboards.

2: Removal of stains

Use a duster dipped in warm water, soap water or vinegar to remove all the stains. A cleaning solution
can also be used if the wood is not painted.

3: clean crevices and rough surface

Use a cloth dipped in a cleaner to wipe out all the
dirt in crevices.

4: Perfection

To achieve a perfect look, rub the baseboard with a thin
layer of fresh dryer. This will maintain a clean look as well as helping to
repel dust due to its antistatic nature.

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