Garage Cleaning Services

Garage Cleaning Services

Garage Cleaners


Get all of your clutter and junk removed today out of your garage
with our garage cleaning services. Just sit back and watch our garage
cleaners get your garage clean and organized.



Full Moon Cleaning Services offers professional garage cleaning
service to get your space clutter-free.We will organize your UN-needed
junk, organizing junk is our specialty, no garage is too big or small.


What we do?

Our garage cleaning services consist of  organizing your junk
sweeping the floors, organize your tools/equipment,wipe down
shelves etc..


We send out 2 garage cleaners to rearrange your garage so you can
park both of  your cars in your garage.  We all know cleaning out the
garage is a daunting chore nobody wants to do, so let us handle your
garage cleaning needs today!



Just call us  (909) 334-1886 and we’ll take care of everything for you.
just sit back and watch your mess disappear!



Prices:  Clean & Organize Only

3 step clean and organize only


  • remove all items from the floor area of the garage only
    and place onto the driveway (does not include trash bags,
    closets, cabinets or shelves)


  • sweep and dust the interior of the garage only, all as needed
    and necessary


  • bring back items into the garage (as per customer instruction)


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Flat Garage Cleaning Service Rates

1 car garage $325

2 car garage $375

3 car garage $425


Additional Services

Cleaning & Organizing Closets and Shelves ($115.00)

Mop & Deodorize (floor area) ($50.00)

Pressure Wash (floor only) ($79)

Pressure Wash (walls only) ($150)


 Please note a travel fee will apply 10 miles from Rancho Cucamonga ($30)


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If you are in need of a house cleaner while you are getting your garage cleaned,
book one of our  house cleaning services right online in just 60 seconds or less.
Kill two birds at one time and get your garage cleaned today!