4 Dishwasher Disasters & How To Avoid Them

October 10, 2016 5:18 PM

4 Dishwasher Disasters & How To Avoid Them


Washing your dishes  is one of the house cleaning chores that unfortunately you have to do every day.
If you own a dishwasher then you know that sometimes they don’t do a complete job of keeping your
dishes clean all the time. Here i will share 4 dishwasher disasters and tips on how to avoid them.
There is always a simple and quick fix i feel to every minor set back when it comes to cleaning.


4 Dishwasher Disasters & How To Avoid Them


Grimy Dishes

Gritty & Grimy dishes are sometimes caused by the dishwasher filter and the dirty dishwasher base.  Grime
accumulates in your dishwasher filter after several wash cycles of dirty dishes in your dishwasher.   The
food particles from the dishes get caught up in the filter and now the grit & grime has nowhere to go and
gets deposited back onto your dishes.


The Fix…..   Remove your dishwasher filter and soak it in your kitchen sink for about 1 hour in hot
soapy water.   Scrub the filter with a scrub  brush rinse and put it back in the dishwasher.


Foul Odor in Dishwasher

You dishwasher can absorb a foul odor.  Below is one of the most easiest solutions to keep your dishwasher
from smelling. We use this method in our professional house cleaning company  in our clients home.


The Fix…. Start with an empty dishwasher.  Sprinkle 1 cup of baking soda on the base of the dishwasher.  Let
the baking soda sit overnight.   The next day pour a cup of white vinegar on the top rack then run your dishwasher
on the hot cycle. This will eliminate the smell.


Paper Clogging

Always the labels from your jars before putting them in your dishwasher, or you can end playing a very
hefty price for repairs.  The paper fibers can clog up your  filter in your dishwasher.


The Fix… Remove the labels from jars before putting in the dishwasher, usually soaking then in hot
soapy water will remove the labels.


White Residue On Glassware

Yes we get them, pull out the glasses from the dishwasher and there are white spots on your glassware.


The Fix…. Always make sure that your rinse department is full.  You can use vinegar to help breakdown
the hard water, use this as a rinse agent.  Now say Good Bye to those Spotty Glasses!


I hope that you enjoyed these tips on 4 Dishwasher Disasters & How To Avoid Them.







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